The Basics for Beginner Golfers: Golf Equipment

The beginner golfers must know the basics about the golf equipment needed for playing the game of golf. Doing so would make them confident while playing the game and be equipped with proper golf equipment when at the golf club. If you are among the beginner golfers, it would be better for you to first understand about the following golf equipment:

  • Golf Clubs

If you are a starter in golf then you should go for starter golf clubs which include 7 through 9 irons, one driver and fairway wood, a pitching wedge, putter, and sand wedge. These sets can effectively fulfill the needs of beginner golfers. However, with the development of skills, a golfer might need better golf equipment.


  • Golf Balls

Golf balls are some of basic golf equipment’s which are quite tricky to select for many golfers. When you an experienced player then you would know how to choose the right golf balls as this comes with experience. You would get different types of golf balls in the market; all have their own unique features which enhances the golf ball flight. In the beginning, do not worry about buying an expensive and rather buy in bulk to play and learn. Initially, you would play a lot with the balls to know how to swing it and might lose many golf balls. Hence, you may buy cheap ones in bulk and save money.

  • Golf Tees

For golf tees also you may buy cheap ones in bulk when you are beginning to learn the game.

  • Golf Shoes

Playing an 18 hole golf round is like walking nearly five to seven miles. In the prevailing conditions, you need a good pair of shoes. These will provide you proper traction and support when you hit the ball. Golf shoes are part of golf and if you do not wear proper ones then you would not be considered a good player.

  • Golf Glove

Golf Gloves are among of the important golf equipment when you play golf. You might never see a golfer playing without a glove; this is essential for keeping a good grip on the club.  There is a chance of club slipping out of the hand if you do not wear gloves and even may be embarrassing or dangerous.

  • Golfing Trousers

This is a gentlemen’s game so golf trousers are necessary. In the club if you are a player and want respect and acceptance then you must wear the proper attire. Your dress code will show other that how serious you are taking this game. A golfer’s dress should be flexible and comfortable.

  • Golf shirts

This must be looking good, loose in fitting and comfortable in wearing.

  • Golf Hat

Players remain in the ground for hours so they must care for themselves, protect from sun and heat and should wear a hat.

  • Pencil and Scorecard

You have to carry a pencil and scorecard in the golf bag; this is necessary to keep track of your score.

  • Golf Towel

Golf towel is also necessary to keep with you while playing golf. You may use this towel to wipe sweat or cleaning the golf club face. This is used for drying your ball after a washing.

You may need a ball marker to mark on the ball which will make easy for you to identify your ball when it is in another golfer’s line to the pin.